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Pierwszy pies
Pierwszy pies
Since 1988 dogs have been filling not only our home but also our hearts. Each new day brings us new joy but most of all series of new experiences.

The beginning of our Kennel was hard and only in 1992 we registered our Kennel's name as "Z Peletonu Skorpiona". In 2003 we added to the Kennel's name second owner, daughter - Marta.

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In spite of a bit different attitude towards our leading goals, we eventually always make decisions together, therefore we may call our success common.

We want our dogs to be perfect not only for their exterior appearance. We also want them to show their best abilities as working dogs.

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Our first female with IPO was Kati Asarko Lordana and since then we have been raising our dogs with highest attention paid to their defense training, before their reproduction.

In 2006 we took a step further - Quanda obtained rights for reproduction on German rules. She now has HD and ED hip-joint x-rayed, DNA tests and successfully passed KRONUNG exam.

We believe this will bear fruits for our Kennel's development.

Heronim and Marta Guberow
Father and daughter

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Together always better